Different Kinds of Services Offered by Notaries


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Each state of the union has various procedures and policies concerning notary public and also the services they are able to offer and also demand. Continue reading to find out about the different solutions notaries are able to charge for.

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Notarizations – In general, notaries are able to impose a set quantity per Notarized signature for jurats. Plus acknowledgments (the most often used notarial forms.) If you have a twenty-page booklet, with sixteen signature lines but just one that has been notarized, the notary will only ask you for ONE notarization. In case there are 2 signers for exactly the same notarized booklet, the notary will charge for 2 notarizations. Unscrupulous notaries are already noted to charge for every signature, notarized or perhaps not. Do not be used!

Copies Notaries – are able to certify copies of some papers for specified fees. A number of states allow notaries to certify duplicates of POWERS OF ATTORNEY just. Additional state laws allow text certification of various other papers also. The notary must have before her the original document as well as the text for comparison purposes. Many notaries will just make their very own message and certify that copy rather compared to go through and examine each word with the initial. Notaries might also provide duplicates of Notary log entries. In most states, notaries must keep a log of all the notarial acts. Anybody in the general public could ask for a copy of the log entry provided they create the request such as certain info in writing.

Oaths and Affirmations – These are ordinarily a part of a jurat form like an affidavit, though they could be outside of other notarial paperwork. The notary could charge for each and every affirmation or oath administered for every document (in case applicable). For instance, in case you can find 2 affidavits that require oaths from 2 affiants (signers) the notary could impose for 4 oaths or perhaps affirmations.

Traveling – In case you go to some notary’s house or office, they might not impose an extra charge besides those permitted by state law for notary services. In case a notary journeys to you, or maybe meets you at an area far from their office or home, they might charge for traveling time. In most American states, you will find no particular laws about these charges except the charge be agreed upon by the notary and also the signer. Ask the notary beforehand for the fee. Most will demand by the mile, typically with a minimum quantity, and with Other and mapquest programs readily available it shouldn’t be tough to compute the charges ahead of time.

Presentation of Documents – Often a lender, name insurer or maybe escrow business will hire a notary public to present and collect signatures on a range of real estate scanned documents. They are going to pay the notary, typically through a loan signing program, for both notarizations and presentation of some other papers. You might see this particular listed on your HUD 1 statement as “Notary Fee” and also may list the title of the signing system employed.

An effective customer is going to ask questions and understand charges prior to the notary appointment.

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