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What exactly are Preconstruction Services I always keep hearing builders as well as contractors talking about? Pre-Construction Services are extra services that some construction plus builders managers will supply to clientele at the front end of any construction project before beginning. The primary goal of pre-construction services is assisting the customer from the start of a task at project conception in obtaining their style and budget goals.

The outcome of the pre-construction procedure is usually saving the customer time and cash. I am going to go into greater detail of what solutions the contractor might include below. Builders and Construction Managers usually charge a fee for pre-construction services.

What does the contractor incorporate in the Pre-Construction Services? The services offered by builders and building managers while in the pre-construction stage of a task will differ based on the stage at which they had been employed on the task as well as the specific project type. Below is a summary of what your contractor could offer during the pre-construction process.

Knowing The Mission, The Ultimate Goal

The contractor is going to need to completely realize what the client wishes to achieve. Almost everything should be disclosed to enable the task to succeed: Budgets, Personality Concerns, Timeline, Location, Design Ideas, and so on. It’s vital for the prospect to realize that anything associated with the task has to be publicly shared with the builder only at that point.

Project Site Review

The contractor is going to walk the project website to offer info on utilities, area government jurisdiction concerns, building suggestions, soil problems.

Construction Team Recommendations

The builder might provide you with ideas on various other businesses which will have to be a component of the building team. Several of these could include Architects, Insurance Brokers, Land Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Designers, Engineers, Lenders.

Preliminary Estimates

At various phases of the pre-construction process, your contractor might provide you with preliminary price estimates. As the project will continue to create the preliminary estimates will be updated and the info starts to be much more precise.

Value Engineering Or Scope Reduction

Must there be a discrepancy between the first client and design budgets, the contractor is able to suggest alternative materials as well as construction techniques to deliver next in sync.

Constructability And Material Suggestions

As the project style is building, the designer will regularly evaluate the construction drawings and paperwork making recommendations on substances, building-related concerns, and developing methods. This is also a great time to talk about green building options.


The preliminary development routine works a great deal like the preliminary estimate. The designer is going to develop a preliminary construction schedule demonstrating the timelines of the various activities which will happen during the building process. This routine is going to be periodically updated when the project design evolves.


The contractor is going to put the building documents and drawings out for bid once the coming circumstances are met: building sketches are a hundred % complete, all sketches and documents are authorized by the prospect, the documents are in sync with the most recent schedule and estimate. After the contractor has gotten all their bids, they are able to then provide a price proposition to the client.

At this stage, in case you haven’t currently done so, you are going to want to go over the Construction Contract or Agreement and in case there are other available choices to discuss. I highly recommend that a designer, construction manager, contractor, construction consultant be employed for pre-construction products for those construction projects.

You won’t ever realize the advantages this service will give the customer and task unless you have had the headaches of a task without it. The little charges which are charged for pre-construction services might be nominal when compared with time and money they are going to save the customer.

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