Observing the Beautiful City of Las Vegas


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After immersing yourself in all the fun that Vegas can offer, you sit down in a restaurant or café somewhere and find yourself just observing. Observing the people who win and those who lose, you begin to think about how their winnings or losses would affect them. You observe the beautiful people around, you begin to ask yourself how old she really is, and if those are real or implants. You observe every little thing that comes by, sometimes tiring yourself out does this to you, you space out and just start wondering about the little things and thinking of how, what, where, and why. This is my observation of the beautiful city of Las Vegas and the people who lives in and visits it. If you ever need a bail bondsman, there are many great bail agents in Las Vegas.

I had just stepped out of a long game of baccarat, I had come out of the game with a decent amount of winnings. You tend to lose track of time when you’re in a Vegas casino, in fact you might even not feel tired at all when playing, but when you step away from the table the tired feeling slowly sets in and you either go to your room or get a cup of coffee. I chose the latter and decided to just observe.


The first thing I notice were the people… the people who were playing and the people who have lost, it seems to me that winners either retire to their rooms or proceed to their next agenda. I found that those who were playing had a lot of energy in their eyes, was it hope, hope to win it big enough to not need to win again? I already knew that winning that big was so astronomically rare that actually working to becoming a billionaire had a more probable possibility of success, but the people who knew that the most were the people from the other end of the spectrum, the ones who lost a good deal of money, not too much money though, for if that was the case they would have left long ago. Their eyes didn’t show desperation but something close to it, the urge to just win enough to get back even a  little of what they lost, a thought as dangerous as thinking of winning it big. I was neither of them, I was the one who neither won it big nor lost, and I had made good profit. I told myself then and there that I should not fall victim to either of their ideas, ever, if I win I should walk away happy and if I lost I should know when to cut my losses and walk away.

Among the ones who were doing well at the tables were women who were outstandingly beautiful, so beautiful their figure just looks too perfect. Cosmetic surgery for breast enlargement allowed people to pursue the beauty that they seek, with the best surgeons in the city meeting up a few times a year in Vegas, no wonder they are able to do what can arguably be called the best breast augmentation surgery I’ve seen. There was nothing wrong with pursuing a better looking self, in fact I was one of the people admiring the work of art the doctor has done.

After a few minutes of thought, I began to realize that I had been staring at a woman’s chest for about 6 minutes, it was about time for me to turn in for the day I am just way too tired. Passing through the halls of the casino and hotel, and finally opening the door to my room I looked at the view I had, and made my final observation for the day. “What a beautiful city”.